Are you a nervous dental patient? Our dentist in Tooting can help!

Dental visits can cause some patients to experience feelings of trepidation. We have been practising as a dentist in Tooting for more than forty years and have helped many patients with this feeling of anxiety. Most of us who have mobile phones have taken selfies at some time or another. We at Broadway Dental Centre have embraced this technology to help our patients not only save time but also take their first steps in overcoming dental anxiety. Follow these three simple steps:

1. Take a picture of your smile using your phone and send it to us.

2. Explain why you are unhappy with your smile and what you would like to achieve.

3. Let’s discuss how we can help you, and we will develop a treatment plan based on your dental ambitions. You can do all this before even coming into our dental surgery.

Dental advice backed by decades of experience

Our internationally trained team has the correct balance of knowledge, skills and experience to provide you with the dental care required in the twenty-first century. We stay up to date with the latest equipment and techniques by attending regular training and seminars. We know that as a progressive dentist in Tooting providing dental treatment in a modern, vibrant city, we must evolve, and over the past four decades, we have done just that.

Treatment designed around you!

Regardless of who you are or what your dental condition is, we will design all our treatments around you. No two patients are the same, and even though two patients may have the same condition, how they react to treatment will differ. We take time to get to know our patients and understand their personalities. We want to know what you expect from our dentist in Tooting. With education and candid discussions at the forefront of how we work with our patients, we will explain how we aim to meet your expectations.

Vital to your well-being

Your teeth are an ectodermal organ, and they are vital to helping you stay healthy. When you have a toothache, that is the sensory reaction of your tooth telling you that something is not as it should be. Your teeth are designed to break down the food you eat by cutting through and crushing it so that your stomach can easily digest it. Our function as dentists is to educate you on how to keep your teeth and gums healthy and provide that extra care and attention. We do this by checking on your entire oral cavity at regular six-monthly visits, acting as your maintenance backup team. We can help you avoid dangerous bacteria developing in your mouth; these bacteria can cause serious medical conditions over time.

Generations of patients enjoy our dental service

Because we have been serving the local community for more than 40 years, we now treat different generations of the same family. Our style of dentistry is to treat our patients as we would expect to be treated if we were patients.