Ask our dentist – why do I need to have my teeth professionally cleaned?

Professional dental cleaning is a common dental procedure that carries with it a number of significant benefits for the patient’s dental and overall health. Some patients may well wonder why they need to have their teeth cleaned by a dentist in Tooting when they already comply with the recommended practice of brushing teeth twice a day and flossing at least once.

While at-home brushing is a non-negotiable in maintaining healthy teeth and gums, this dental obligation is oftentimes not enough on its own to offer full dental health protection. This is because the toothbrush bristles are not designed to reach all the awkward spaces in the mouth. There are spaces where food and bacteria can get trapped, leading to stubborn deposits on teeth – plaque and tartar.

Once plaque and tartar deposits form on teeth, they cannot be removed simply by brushing teeth, no matter how diligent the attempt. It is only the dexterous skill of a qualified dentist in Tooting using specially-designed tools and instruments that can safely and effectively remove these frustrating deposits.

At Broadway Dental Centre, we have a highly capable dentist in Tooting who has years of experience in offering quality professional dental cleaning procedures. In this post, we take a look at some of the weighty reasons to visit our dentist for a professional dental cleaning.

Top reasons to get your teeth professionally cleaned

Preventive measure

Before a cleaning procedure can be carried out, our dentist will want to examine your mouth to identify signs of potential problems. In this way, these cleaning procedures serve as an early detection warning system to put in motion preventive measures to minimise or completely stop the progression of a dental issue.

Seen from this perspective, professional cleaning procedures save the patient time and money from having to treat undesirable complications that carry with them a comparatively higher price tag. Is it not preferable to agree to a simple professional cleaning than to pay for costly root canal treatments or lengthy gum treatment plans?

Protect against dental diseases like tooth decay and gum disease

One of the primary aims of in-chair dental cleaning is to prevent the formation of cavities and tooth loss. Plaque and tartar deposits carry harmful bacteria that eat away at the enamel, leaving holes that eventually grow bigger to expose tooth roots. These bacteria are also responsible for causing gum infections, one of the first stages towards the development of periodontitis.

Effective in the fight against bad breath

Not only are the bad bacteria responsible for tooth loss and gum disease, but they also cause foul-smelling odours, commonly referred to as bad breath. Get rid of the bad bacteria and you eliminate the root cause of bad breath.

Professional dental cleanings are not a once-off affair

Regular appointments to have our dentist carry out professional dental cleanings is the most reliable way of ensuring good dental health for life. To keep your smile looking bright and happy, give us a call at Broadway Dental Centre to schedule a dental appointment.