How to use a dentist to shape your oral health

Along with our health practitioners in the field of dental care, our dental team are always dismayed when patients neglect to keep their routine dental check-up appointments. As is always the case, the more the time between these appointments expands, the more likely a patient can expect to experience a dental emergency and invariably need more extensive dental care.

It is still surprising how many patients fail to realise that the only way to actually minimise dental problems is to establish regular dental appointments, whether it is just to check teeth are healthy or for a dental clean.

At Broadway Dental Centre, our friendly and caring dentist in Tooting offers patient-centred dental care where the patient and dental professional work together to keep teeth and gums healthy and strong, and smiles beautiful.

Important roles carried out by a dentist in Tooting

You need a dentist in Tooting to keep your dental health in the best possible condition and this is made feasible through check-up appointments that allow for a close examination of the mouth. Without this examination, cavities can be left to destroy teeth, gum infections can progress to develop into advanced stages of periodontal disease and patients will exhibit poor oral health conditions like bad breath and tooth pain. It is for these and other dental issues, that regular mouth examinations need to be carried out.

Cleaner teeth and gums

More often than not patients cannot achieve the same level of cleanliness from their own efforts, unlike using the professional skills of a dentist. This is why deep cleaning procedures are so important to particularly target plaque and tartar accumulation.

Fluoride treatments

Fluoride treatments available at the dentist are far more effective than those bought off the shelf. These treatments may be prescribed by a dental professional to strengthen the outer surface area of teeth. Fluoride plays a role in remineralising teeth enamel, restoring the minerals that are drawn out of teeth when exposed to acids and sugars in the mouth.


Both the visible areas of the mouth as well as those hidden beneath the gum line are important sites for dental inspections. To have a look at these hidden structures, dental professionals use X-ray images to diagnose problems.

Professional advice

There is no better reliable source of information about dental health other than from a dental professional. All questions are welcome, from recommended cleaning instruments and products to clarification on the right way to brush and floss teeth.

Once a full mouth examination has been carried out, a dental practitioner will have a better idea of the need to discuss any further treatment a patient may require, for things such as suitability for orthodontic treatment.

Screenings for mouth cancers

When it comes to their oral health, patients have more to worry about than just cavities and bad breath – there is also the concern of oral cancer. This type of cancer stands a good chance of recovery when detected in its early stages. Our goal at Broadway Dental Centre is to provide quality treatments to help patients retain their natural teeth for as long as possible. To find out what more you can do for your dental health, why not schedule a check-up today?