What are the typical things to look for when searching for a new dentist in Tooting?

In the past, the dental practice 5 seconds down the road to you would be the way to go with limited choices due to the travelling time or fitting it in around the children’s schedules. However, with a variety of forms of transport readily available and distances being covered in shorter times, searching for the practice that suits your needs has taken precedence. However, that being said, the location will always be one of the contributing factors as it needs to be easy to get to.

But what else needs to be considered? Below are just some of the things our dentist in Tooting recommends.

The team

When putting your oral health care into the hands of another, you want to feel comfortable with them and be able to work together as part of a team. Therefore, it is highly important that you are happy with your dental team, from the receptionist to the dentist. Without an element of trust and understanding, it will be a difficult union and one that is unlikely to last. For this reason, it is important to be happy with the approaches each member of the team takes, the process of booking an appointment, the attendance and the aftercare. Each part of the process deserves the highest level of care, and at Broadway Dental Centre, this is something we pride ourselves on.

Throughout your dental journey, we will continue to work as part of your team; therefore, working with you to the best of our abilities to reach the end goal is of utmost importance. Our dentist in Tooting is in it for the long term, so working together is essential.

Does the practice cover the treatments and procedures you are considering?

With the world of dentistry continuing to develop and expand, it is not unusual for dental practices to focus on certain areas of dentistry rather than provide a little bit of everything. However, for some dental practices, having different treatments available under the same roof is possible, and with members of the dental team focusing on specifics, a wider range of options can be made available to you, the patient.

At Broadway Dental Centre, our dentist in Tooting understands the benefits of working on your smile for the long term rather than sending patients to other practices for certain works and then continuing with the aftercare. By offering a broader range of treatments and procedures alongside general dentistry, we can work together and ensure that all aspects of your smile benefit.

Who can be a patient?

Whether you are a private patient, under an insurance plan or with the NHS, our dental practice caters for all. Focusing on your dental case rather than whether or not you are a regular patient is what we like to do. For those with difficulties with payments, do not avoid our practice altogether, but instead, discuss your options with us and see how we can help.

At Broadway Dental Centre, our dentist puts the focus back on your oral health care.