Why you need to visit our dentist in Tooting for routine oral health checks

One of the worst decisions a patient can make that places their dental health at risk is not attending routine oral health checks with our dentist in Tooting. The purpose of these appointments is to ensure patients retain the use of their natural teeth for life. Ensuring that teeth are healthy and strong and that gums are in optimal condition serves the well-being of the physical body and mental health in different ways.

At Broadway Dental Centre, our well-experienced dentist in Tooting is quite happy to point out just how important professional dental check-ups are for good quality of life. It is not unusual for patients to worry about the expense of paying for dental check-ups every six months. But consider the real costs of not having these checks carried out. Patients lose out on the opportunities of fixing minor problems that only go on to cause pain further down the line and escalate into more serious issues.

Patients need to remember that more serious dental issues will only end up costing them more than what it would cost to treat issues in the earliest stages. Not only this, but major issues consume a lot more of a patient’s time. Skip out on the dental chair twice a year for dental check-ups and you will invariably end up spending much more time in it when you have conditions like advanced gum disease that need to be treated.

We go over some of the more compelling arguments for visiting our dentist in Tooting for routine teeth and gum checks.

Reasons why regular dental visits are important

Dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease pose serious threats to overall health. For one, teeth that are in the process of decay can hinder a patient’s ability to bite and chew properly.

The masticatory function is vital to deliver all the essential nutrients the body needs to remain strong and function well. If a patient cannot eat a wide variety of recommended foods or grind food down adequately for efficient digestion, then they may not be able to meet their nutritional needs, leading to a state of malnutrition.

A dental check-up allows our dentist to discern plaque accumulation on teeth and take steps to remove them from the enamel. Plaque cannot be removed by the efforts made by patients when cleaning their teeth, no matter how diligently they brush their teeth.

Another reason why we encourage patients to attend oral health checks every six months is to check on gum health. Gum disease is a progressive disease; the longer the condition remains untreated, the worse it gets, with tooth loss a predictable possibility. It is not just tooth loss that patients need to worry about with advanced stages of gum disease; they need to be concerned about their heart health too. The bacteria that are known to cause gum disease have also been linked to heart disease complaints, including strokes and heart attacks. This is so because these dangerous bacteria travel further into the body through the bloodstream, where they obstruct blood flow in the blood vessels. Now there is even more reason to make sure you have your dental health checked by visiting our dentist. These dental appointments are necessary to keep your natural teeth for life and your heart healthy too. Have your teeth and gums checked by booking an appointment at Broadway Dental Centre.